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Big or Small – They are all Special

Ashley and Matt's Vegas Wedding Every now and then we get to be a part of giant weddings that have all the glitz and glamour you can imagine. On other occasions we get invited to be a part of a much simpler affair. Matt recently had experienced a near death scare after some major medical complications. Having mostly recovered, Matt and Ashley decided life was too short to wait. They decided to move their wedding from over a year in the future … [Read More...]

Cliff’s Las Vegas Over the Top Proposal!

San Diego local Cliff proposed to his love Melissa while on their trip to Las Vegas. They were celebrating Cliff's 40th Birthday party with 40 of their closest friends who had flown in from all over the country. Cliff put together the proposal of a lifetime and coordinated one of the biggest surprises of their lives! Cliff had a custom 4.5 Caret ring created. He was involved in the design and style of the ring. Only a couple of the people at the … [Read More...]

9-21-14 Victoria & Justin @ The Grove

Victoria and Justin are the type of couple you sit down, meet, and know immediately that you are hoping they book you. You expect their wedding to be fun, full of family and friends, and of course, to provide your amazing blog with perfect pictures! We were fortunate enough to do an engagement session with them before the wedding and this always helps us build our shooting chemistry. I felt like I was invited to a friends wedding and I will never … [Read More...]


9-23-14 Katie & Aaron @ Bear’s Best

         Katie and Aaron had been planning their wedding for a while. About 9 months before the wedding they were thrown a massive curve ball. Aaron's military commitments forced them to relocated within the next couple months. Their wedding plans were thrown into high gear and everything had to come together last minute. They were lucky enough to get ahold of Gordon at Bear's Best. Anyone who knows Gordon, knows he goes the extra mile for all of … [Read More...]


Las Vegas Paris Eiffel Tower Proposal

Eric's Eiffel Tower Proposal   When we got a call from Michele with The Heart Bandits, We immediately knew we were in for a fun time. Every time she calls we never know what we will be doing, but we always know it will be an adventure. We arrived on site about 30 minutes before our client was due to enter. The tickets were all pre paid for and everyone from the ticket counter, to the elevator operator, or the three people they had at … [Read More...]