The first time you lay eyes on your partner in their full wedding attire will be a heartwarming moment. This is a once in a lifetime experience for both of you. Choosing to do a first-look photo session before your wedding ceremony is a great way to ensure that your moment is perfect. It also provides you with a little privacy with your partner before your wedding ceremony.

Tips for Hiring Your Professional Photographer

There is no doubt that your first-look photo session will be incredibly intimate! But, there are a few things that you will want to avoid when planning yours.

We believe that your first-look photo session should be perfect!  That’s why, here at M Place Productions, we have put together a few mistakes that you will want to avoid for your own first-look photo session. Continue reading to learn what these mistakes are:

-For Your Eyes Only. If you are hoping for your first-look to be an intimate moment, you will want you and your partner to be the only people present. Designate a special meeting place for you and your partner and be sure that guests are steered away from the location. This spot should be out view of your ceremony and guests.

-Enough Time. Your first-look photo session should not be rushed! Not only will you want to be able to soak this moment up, but your photographer needs time to capture the emotions. Avoid a time crunch so that your moment can be flawless.

-Plan It. Your wedding took months to plan, and this allowed you the time to create an unforgettable celebration. Your first-look photo session should be planned as well. Talk with your photographer before your wedding day arrives about your first-look moment, where it will be taking place, how you will go about yours, and all of the special details. This way, it can be properly captured.

Props for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Setting eyes upon your partner for the first on your big day will be a moment you will treasure forever! These are just a few mistakes that you will want to avoid for your first-look photo session. Here at M Place Productions, as a Las Vegas wedding photographer, we are ready to capture your big day. Contact us today to book your wedding photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada.