wedding day

Groom’s Details to Capture on Your Las Vegas Wedding Day


Your wedding day is a day that is equally important for both you and your partner. While the bride is usually the center focus, it is important to remember that the groom should be just…

How to Prepare for Your Las Vegas Engagement Photoshoot


Once you become engaged, it will be time to celebrate with an engagement photoshoot! This way, you can announce your new relationship status to all of your friends and family members, through photography. From showcasing…

unplugged wedding

Reasons Why You Should Have an Unplugged Wedding


There are so many reasons why you should consider an unplugged wedding! Picture this…you just enter your wedding ceremony, about to walk down the aisle. You see a glimpse of your partner standing at the…

bridal portrait

Reasons Why You Should Have a Bridal Portrait Photo Session


A bridal portrait photo session is a wonderful way to capture how stunning you looked on your wedding day. You have spent a great deal of time choosing the perfect dress, makeup and hairstyle, and…

The Culture Trip

M Place Productions Has Been Featured in The Culture Trip


Las Vegas is a city of many wonders, and there are plenty of elements that you must know. One of those elements happens to be the best photographers in the city. The Culture Trip is…

engagement photos

How to Express Yourselves Throughout Your Las Vegas Engagement Photos


Many people get engaged around the world, every day. But, every single relationship is different. From the way they talk to each other to the inside jokes they share, each couple has built a special…

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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Las Vegas Wedding Videographer


If you are planning on preserving your precious wedding memories, you are likely well aware of the many great benefits of hiring a photographer. But, have you had the opportunity to explore how incredible a…

wedding photos

How to Capture Lovely Las Vegas Wedding Photos


Your wedding experiences will last a lifetime. Bouquet tosses, toasts, reciting your vows, and so much more, will forever fill your heart with joy and romance. Your big day will certainly stay within your memory…

wedding photographer

Tips for Choosing Your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer


As you begin planning you dream wedding, you will be overcome with many decisions that will need to be made. From what gown will best complement your form and express your personality, to the flavoring…

Jennifer & Trent: Reflection Bay & Sam’s Town


Trent and Jennifer’s wedding was an absolute blast to shoot. We always love getting to be a part of a wedding that is family focused. When we met Jennifer, she made us aware that most…